General Information

  • Temporary Residence Permit or “Pink Slip” is an immigration permit in Cyprus available to non-EU nationals.
  • Allows for residing in Cyprus for 12 months with option for renewal for another 12 months period and so on.
  • Holders of such permit are not permitted to work or engage in any kind of business activity in Cyprus. It is regarded as a “visitors-only” permit.
  • May also be granted to the Children of the applicant (under the age of 18).

Requirements & Financial Criteria:

  • Proof of stable or adequate income deriving from sources other than employment.

An amount of funds should be deposited into the applicant’s Cyprus Bank Account coming from abroad allowing him to cover the living expenses of his family while in Cyprus.

The amount to be deposited varies according to the factual circumstances of each applicant.

  • Bank Guarantee for applicant (and dependents – where applicable).
  • Title deed/Rental Agreement of residence in Cyprus.
  • Health insurance for applicant (and dependents – where applicable).

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