Administrative Law is a branch of public law which includes those rules of law which, on the one hand, regulate the operation, the organization and the control of public administration, and on the other hand, they govern the relationship between the people and the state.

The Administrative Law of Cyprus derives from Article 146 of the Cyprus Constitution. Where a natural or legal person wishes to bring an action before the Administrative Court of Cyprus under the said article of the Constitution against an enforceable, individual, administrative act or decision or omission of the administration, the following two requirements must be taken into consideration:

  • Legitimate Interest

The applicant must have a “legitimate interest” as defined by the statute and the case law.

  • Prescribed time

In order to file an application before the Administrative Court, the applicant is given a time-frame of 75 days from the date of which he/she has become aware of the administrative act.

Where the Administrative Court rules in favor of the applicant, the effect of the decision is the annulment of the administrative act or decision or omission in the whole or a part.

The aim of the Court and consequently the result of the decision in successful administrative appeal is the restoration of the previous status quo as it was before the administrative act or decision or omission was issued.