Our advocates focus in dealing with laws and principles related to price controls on the renting of residential/dwelling housing or commercial properties. The legal area of rent control is intended on the one hand to protect tenants from excessive rent increases while on the other hand to ensure that landlords receive a fair return on their investment. The department provides consulting services to both individual and corporate clients.

Our firm may assist tenants by helping them understand their rights in a tenant/landlord contractual relationship such as in matters involving repairs, maintenance, safety concerns, unlawful evictions, security deposit refunds and others. Similarly, further to consultation our firm may assist landlords with eviction proceedings in order to acquire back, following the legal route, the possession of their property and assistance with any other potential legal actions against tenants for outstanding rents, unpaid rent installments and more. Having a high degree of legal knowledge, expertise and experience, our team of lawyers engage in negotiations and settlements with tenants and landlords which aim to reaching a fair balance between the need to meet the demands and the need to protect the interests of both parties.

Our advocates represent our clients in dispute resolutions with abundant success, efficiently and, quite importantly, in a timely manner.