The subject concerning wills of succession & probates carries considerable weight taking into account the fact that death is unfortunately undeniable fact in the circle of life. One of the issues that may arise with the death of a person may relate to the estate of the deceased.

Our team of legal experts is able to help with such matters, either where a person wishes for a will to be made in order to secure that their estate will be dealt with according to their wish, intents and instructions or where an administrator to the property has to be appointed in the absence of a will to ensure the legal and proper distribution of the estate. Our firm offers such services that include:

  • Legal advice & consultation on matters relating to wills of succession and probates.
  • Drafting of wills of succession.
  • Application before the court for the appointment of an administrator to the estate of a deceased.
  • Administrator services.

The appointment of a legal expert in the role of an estate administrator comes with immense benefits such as assurance and confidence that the estate will be distributed and dealt with in a legally compliant, safe and fair manner while the costs and fees of the said administrator are to be paid by the estate itself.

It is important to note while other countries have in place Inheritance Tax, which most of the times it can be quite high, the tax system in Cyprus allows for the transfer of the estate of Cyprus residents to their successors without any application of inheritance tax. For foreign persons that wish to take advantage of the said benefit in Cyprus, it must be proved that they are “domiciled” in Cyprus, a term which has a wide meaning but focuses on proving the intention of the person to spend the rest of his/her life in Cyprus.

Our firm ensures that services undertaken in relation to the appointment and duty of an administrator is completed carefully with efficiency and transparency while we guarantee that any court procedure for the appointment of an administrator undertaken is carried out in a time frame of 6 months given that there is full co-operation from the clients’ end.